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Meet Our Staff


Our clinic team has a simple goal: To offer the best medical and surgical care possible for your animals. We strive to also educate and inform our clients; since it is only through knowledge and understanding that the best possible care and service can be given to you and your pet. Our caring and compassionate team members will treat you as though you are family.





Kasey has been with Feeder Creek Veterinary Services for over 20 years and is a familiar face to many of our clients.  She has been indispensable to this hospital in creating an amazing technician/assistant team.  Also, she graduated with a degree in veterinary technology. Kasey and her husband Robby are parents to Kamryn and triplets Kipley, Kole and Krew.  She also has a cat named Nemo Puffy.   Helping people give their pets the best they deserve and also a healthy life is what Kasey loves most about the veterinary field. 




Britany keeps everything at the front desk of Feeder Creek Veterinary Services running smoothly.  She grew up around several different animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, snakes, birds and horses.  Britany actually trained her horse Swish to do barrel racing.  Her and her husband Michael have a daughter, Lily, a lab mix named Lucy, another horse named Chip and a cat named Diago.  




Shawnee grew up on a farm with horses and has a huge passion for helping animals.  She has 4 dogs, Bill, Gabby, T and Ryder, 2 cats Magnolia and Mouse, 2 horses Lexi and Jack and 2 donkeys Bandito and Eeyore and she hopes to add two more horses soon.  Shawnee loves the teamwork and  the passion we all at Feeder Creek Veterinary Services have for healing animals.  She used to want to be a veterinarian or technician but has found her niche managing our pet boarding service.




Allexes grew up showing cattle and sheep and recently became AI certified.  She and her husband Kody are parents to Kobe and Janie and their 3 dogs Shay, Ellie May and Tank.  Allexes enjoys learning all the different ways we can help animals and is hoping to learn more about the job of a technician.  She loves her family at Feeder Creek Veterinary Services and putting a smile on our clients’ faces.  



Alissa has worked with dogs over the years and owned many different pets but this is her first experience working in the veterinary field.  She has a dog named Levi and also a ball python.  Alyssa enjoys the staff and clients at Feeder Creek Veterinary Services, but especially loves all of the cute pets.  She has always wanted to work in the animal medical field and is hoping to expand her knowledge.   Alissa was born and raised in New York City and enjoys video games in her free time.



Emily is just one of the many smiling faces to greet you when you walk through our doors.  Her family includes her daughter Cleo, fiance Jaiden, stepson Zeke and her dog Luna.  Emily loves the people she works with and all of the different types of animals she sees here.  She enjoys riding horses and caring for chickens. 



Brooke is just one of the friendly voices you’ll hear when you call Feeder Creek Veterinary Services.  She grew up on a farm with pigs, cows, chickens, dogs, cats and a variety of other animals.  Brooke loves being around animals and helping them and currently cares for 2 dogs and 1 cat.  She also hopes to own her own business one day.



Stephanie started out working for a groomer and has enjoyed everything she has learned since joining our team.  She has had a variety of pets and currently has two dogs, Drake and Smokey, and a cat named Salem.  Stephanie loves all of our patients and the friendly faces of our clients.  She is considering a future as a technician.  




Kate has been a familiar face at Feeder Creek Veterinary Services for several years and also graduated with a degree in veterinary technology.  She and her husband have 2 children, a cat named Emmy and 2 dogs Daisy and Nala.  Kate enjoys helping animals on a daily basis and the new challenges each day brings.  She loves the fun work environment at Feeder Creek Veterinary Services and the staff.  


Registered Veterinary Technician


Tiffany has been with Feeder Creek Veterinary Services for 5 years and also spent 6 ½ years in the military where she helped with military working dogs.  She is mother to her son Emmett and also has two great danes, Archie and Jughead,  and 2 cats Lilith and Juma who is a beautiful maine coon.  Tiffany enjoys being able to see a variety of animals and would like to learn more about large animals, exotics, behavior and nutrition.  



Chloe started her work in this field first by just owning multiple animals and then by working at an animal shelter and showing goats in 4H.  She is currently working towards becoming a registered technician and always wants to further her knowledge.  Chloe’s favorite thing about this field is helping owners take the best care of their pets.  She is married with a 4 ½ year old daughter and also has 3 dogs, 7 cats and a snake.  



Emilee has been working with animals for 8 years including showing cattle and goats in 4-H.  She is currently in school working towards becoming a registered veterinary technician.  Emily and her husband Chase have a plethora of pets including dogs Daisy and Sunshine, cats Petunia and Leslie, goats Patches, Boogie, Kathy, June, Charm and Cash and a mini donkey Ariel.  Her favorite patients are the geriatric pets and she loves meeting all of the amazing owners. 



Elizabeth has been a lover of animals since she was a little girl and has a strong compassion for all animals.   She enjoys the relationships she’s built with our clients and patients and would love to manage a practice some day but wants to focus on her skill set first.  Elizabeth has two children, Jasper and Mille and two cats, Twist and Rizzo.  She has a degree in photography, loves live music and also loves to travel.  


Registered Veterinary Technician


Sarah is one of our registered veterinary technicians and is also continuing her education in zoology and plans to become a research zoologist and a wildlife rehabilitator.  She loves learning and educating others and making a difference in the lives of our clients and patients.  Sarah shares her home with 2 dogs, 1 cat 5 birds, 2 turtles and 1 chinchilla.   Her favorite thing about Feeder Creek Veterinary Services is how compassionate the staff is which makes it feel like working with family.



Khali has been working as a veterinary assistant for 2 years but has spent many years working with animals including bottle raising calves, caring for horses and even managed a horse breeding farm.  She is working on becoming a certified veterinary technician and feels much fulfillment from healing pets and soothing worried owners. Khali has a daughter, two dogs and one horse.  She loves how Feeder Creek Veterinary Services are family oriented. 



Christina has a degree in veterinary technology.  She loves the variety of animals we see, especially the exotics.  Christina studied at Columbus State Community College and grew up on a farm with mainly cows.  She currently has 2 dogs Thor and Tuff, a lot of cows, 2 horses and 10 donkeys.  Christina hopes to continue her work as a veterinary assistant and run the family farm.  




 Evan has been with Feeder Creek Veterinary Services for 3 years and is also an undergraduate student for pre-veterinary medicine at Ohio University.  He has 4 dogs, Buster, Rhea, Sammi and Betty and hopes to become a veterinarian in a small practice or a zoo.  Evan loves the wonderful doctors and staff here and enjoys the new experiences each day brings.



Kristin has been working in this field for 13 years and loves working with all of our boarding patients.  She and her husband Joshua are parents to Charlie and their lab mix Jett.  Kristen hopes to be a kennel manager one day and believes our boarding patients should be treated like they’re our own pets. 



Chloe is just one of the compassionate people who cares for our boarding patients.  She tries to make a personal connection with each animal in the hopes that the next time they see her they can remember they’re in a safe place.  Chloe loves that everyone at Feeder Creek Veterinary Services is kind and personable and always willing to help her out.  She has two cats, Miso and Frankie, and would love to eventually move into an assistant position.