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Meet Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Feeder Creek Veterinary Services is comprised of four dedicated, experienced, award-winning veterinarians. The team has wide-ranging areas of interest when it comes to animal care, ranging from cattle to exotic pets and equine medicine but they all share one thing in common: a long-term love of animals and the desire to bring the highest level of veterinary care to them.

Dr. Steve DeBruin

Dr. Steve DeBruin has been helping animals his entire life. Beginning at just nine years of age when he set the broken leg of a bird, being a veterinarian was his passion. Dr.DeBruin received his undergraduate degree and doctorate in veterinary medicine from The Ohio State University. During veterinary school, he raised a herd of forty hogs as well as forty head of beef cattle in order to fund his education. He graduated from The Ohio State School of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. He founded Feeder Creek Veterinary Services, in 1983 with an emphasis on bovine medicine; today, the practice has evolved to treat all species with a state of art veterinary hospital.  Dr. DeBruin is also an active member of the agricultural community.  Upon graduation, Dr. DeBruin was selected by his professors as the Outstanding Senior Student in Food Animal Medicine.  He has also served on Ohio’s long-range planning committee on behalf of both the beef and dairy industries.  He has represented Fairfield, Hocking, Licking, and Perry Counties for two and a half terms on the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association board and went on to serve as the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association president.  Most beef producers would recognize Dr. DeBruin for his calving demonstrations, which have been presented to over twenty groups throughout the state of Ohio. Dr.DeBruin is a consulting veterinarian on some of the largest dairies in Ohio. He enjoys both the herd reproductive palpation work along with nutritional and health consultation duties. When Dr. DeBruin is not out on farm calls, he enjoys helping dogs with chronic skin conditions return to a normal lifestyle. 

Dr. DeBruin is married and has four daughters. In his "free time" he manages his own operation of stocker calves and finishing steers.  His hobbies include white-water rafting, travel, hiking, scuba diving and photography. His favorite white-water rafting trip was in Grand Canyon next time you see him ask him about it.

 Dr. DeBruin was inducted into the 2015 OSU Animal Science Hall of Fame on March 27, 2015!

Dr. Ed Biggie

Dr. Ed Biggie decided to become a veterinarian early in life.  He grew up in a small coastal town in Maine and always felt the desire to work with animals. Dr. Biggie pursued that desire by attending the University of Maine earning a bachelor of science degree in Animal Science.  He attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and graduated with a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1990. Dr. Biggie worked in a mixed animal practice before coming to Feeder Creek in 1995. Dr. Biggie became a partner of Feeder Creek Veterinary Services 1999. Dr.Biggie is the head surgeon at Feeder Creek Veterinary Services where his main focus is in small animal orthopedics and general surgery. Dr. Biggie has demonstrated the effectiveness of the therapy laser with increase healing times and decrease pain in his orthopedic patients. In addition to his small animal surgical responsibilities he enjoys providing preventative health care to both dog and cats. In large animal practice he has worked extensively on both beef and dairy reproductive management and preventative care. He also enjoys working with goats, sheep, alpacas and llamas. Dr. Biggie has served on the Ohio Animal Health Foundation board and currently serves on the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association board bringing the farm animal perspective to the profession. Dr. Biggie is a member of Ohio Veterinary Medical Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Association of Bovine Practitioners.   

When not at the clinic, Dr. Biggie enjoys the great outdoors, sports photography, woodworking, and spending time with his family and critters.

Dr. Dale Roberts

Dr. Roberts currently lives in Millersport, OH. He will soon be moving to a small farm in Thornville where he plans to start small goat or sheep herd. Dr. Roberts grew up in Columbus spent the past 10 years of his life at The Ohio State University. His undergraduate training is in Zoology and went on to a get masters degree in veterinary public health. While getting his MPH he worked on the OSU swine farms. This swine experience has been very beneficial to Dr. Roberts in clinical practice. Dr.Roberts graduated with his doctorate in veterinary medicine in May of 2013. While in veterinary school Dr. Roberts worked with veterinarians on some of largest dairies in the United States which are located in California.  Dr. Roberts enjoys spending copious amounts of time in the great outdoors. He enjoys both small and big game hunting. He is also an avid bicyclist and runner having competed in triathlons. Dr. Roberts enjoys working with all species but especially with beef and dairy cows. Next time Dr. Roberts is on your farm ask him about this three cats named Jimmy, Uno, and Dos.

Dr. Mirella DeHaan

Dr. Dillon Clouse